About us


Preschool Teachers Training College in Aleksinac continues the tradition which began with the First Teachers School founded in 1871, transferred from Belgrade to Aleksinac in 1896, Royal Serbian Teachers School (1896 – 1903), and Male Teachers School (1919 – 1935). Apart from the teachers department, a one-year course for the education of nursery teachers was introduced in 1940, and lasted until 15 June 1941. In 1972 the College became Teachers Academy, and in 1993 its name was changed to Preschool Teachers School, introducing a new reformed curriculum.

In 2007, the name of the college was finally changed to Preschool Teachers Training College, following the introduction of a new curriculum based on the Bologna Declaration. In the same year, the College obtained accreditation and license from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia. The license and accreditation were successfully renewed in 2017, including a one-year specialist programme: Preschool Teacher – Specialist for Introductory Preschool Programme.

Theoretical and practical courses are taught by skilled professors using contemporary teaching methods. The College is equipped with modern facilities and comfortable classrooms. It also has a reading room, free Wi-Fi internet access, an interactive website and a library holding more than 36,000 titles. In addition, the College building hosts a kindergarten, which is, apart from being a preschool institution, also a place for the practical education of students.

In order to continuously improve the curriculum and the quality of studies, the College traditionally organizes seminars and professional conferences. It also publishes student textbooks, proceedings and other sorts of professional publications. Of particular importance is cooperation with other institutions of similar kind, both in Serbia and abroad, which improves the quality of studying and provides a better working atmosphere for both students and professors.

The College is governed by Director, College Council, Professors’ Council and Student Assembly, all of whom have equal participation in decision making processes.